Music Production / Sound design / Live Performances


LBCC DGTL  Audio+Video Live-set 

LBCC DGTL is a continuously evolving project that starts from 2 assumptions, on one side creating a live-set of electronic music without the use of a computer and with a minimal setup and on the other side to have a video output that gives the sound a visual representation of what's happening in real time.
Currently the audio part includes a digital sampler / drum machine and a sequencer synthesizer in FM synthesis. The video part consists of an analog oscillator with inputs / triggers for the audio signal. The sounds produced by the sampler and synthesizer "drive" the analog video oscillator, creating a sort of waveform in black and white in continuous motion, perfectly synchronized with the audio part.
Due to its extreme simplicity of assembly and transport, the performance lends itself to being hosted even in small places and with a limited audience. All the materials necessary for the performance are brought on site by the musician except the audio system (see below for all the
technical details).

MareMuto [Live-set]

Photo: Francesca Barichello

MareMuto [Liveset] is the crossing point and at the same time the “live” version of “Marefermo”, “Muta/Larva” and “4CQU4N3R4” the latest 3 works released by Simone Lalli respectively in 2020, 2021 e 2022. The intention is to use the live set format to conjugate all the different tracks in something more organic and unique. The ultimate goal is to bring the viewer/listener through a hypothetical journey starting from point A and ending to point B. The live set is also enriched with unpublished tracks and pure sound design episodes for a total of about 60 minutes.